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This Modern Art Inspired Wall Décor Piece Will Turn Your Pictures Into Pop Art.

Magnetific is a wall display that can hold your photos or your calendars. It is a sturdy display with timeless design. It has a long life due to its high quality materials. It has a magnetic sheet to hold your images making it super easy to load and unload them.


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    Add Polish To Any Room Wall.

    Decorate with your pictures of your choice printed even in standard quality paper. The display will turn them into artistic displays and it will act as the refined material that gives it elegance and a refined esthetics.

    Turn Your Images Into a Pop Art
    Add A Polish To Every Room Wall

    Exploring The Art Of Dots

    As one might have experienced during a visit in Italy, when looking full of fascination and wonder at an old roman mosaic from a luxurious Pompeii villa depicting scenery of nature and Romans, or, during a visit in a museum when admiring the Modern Art of 50s and 60s and their dotted creations, it seems like the exploration of creating whole images from smaller objects is an old art form of humans. Indeed, there must be something in that art form that connects to a very primal and deep part of our brains.

    In Magnetific, it is probably how the play of the colored dots is just beautiful to look at up-close, but they also start to merge and reveal a bigger picture when seen from further away. In other words, it is this duality of messages coming from the same object. It is the infinite Lego-like play of deconstructing an image in smaller parts and constructing the whole of it again from those smaller parts. A picture of You placed in this endless dotted game takes on a new magic, that of this art form that has never failed to impress and captivate us.

    As one sees the Magnetific in the wall of a room, it cannot be ignored. It captivates the senses, like suddenly turning the gaze towards the window at a distant sunset scenery and just looking at it for a second, fully being there in the suspense, in the moment.

    Magnetific Zoomed Dots Perspective
    Magnetific David


    Features Horizontal
    Features Vertical

    All metal body

    High Quality Recyclable

    We make no compromise on quality of materials. Pure high-quality stainless steel for the core to work with the magnetic sheet. And lightweight aluminum for edges. All the metals are 100% recyclable. Covered in a durable finish of powder coating (more costly but more environmentally friendly vs wet paint) with a metal-mirror finish.

    Easy to use as 1-2-3

    Magnetific Easy To Use

    1 – Raise the magnet
    2 – Place the print
    3 – Release the magnet (listen to that click)
    Say goodbye to sticking or screwing or anything like that.

    Timeless design

    Magnetific_TImeless Design

    A combination of clean lines, minimalist design, soothing and serene metal half-reflective shades, refined aesthetics and elegance make this piece go with any kind of environment, modern, industrial or traditional.

    The Collection




    Use in portrait or landscape mode. Combine with other displays into wall display compositions.

    The EQUAL



    Combine with other displays into wall display compositions.

    Don’t Just Display A Photo, Turn It Into An Art Piece

    • Get images from our 200+ free-to-use creations from the users in the website.
    • Use your own images as they are.
    • Or pixelate your images with our free Web App.

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